Crossway Community Montessori School Camp

3015 Upton Drive
Kensington, MD 20895




Crossway Montessori School (CMS) is an independent coeducational program for children from ages three months to six+ years.

The curriculum and philosophy of CMS is derived from the century-old principles of Dr. Maria Montessori to create environment that is responsive to each child's unique developmental needs, abilities and interests. Our 'whole-child approach' fosters respect for oneself, for others and for the environment. Our ultimate goal is that through mixed-age groupings, integrated curriculum, peace education, uninterrupted work periods, hands-on materials, art exploration and freedom within limits - all children will develop their full potential.

Building community and family is at the heart of Crossway Community's approach to learning. Our programs promote learning, creativity and community for each child in the context of his or her family - his first community. Parents are integrated into their child's development in the school. Staff use individual observation to create a learning plan for each child and communicate regularly with parents about their child's progress. Families are invited to participate in Crossway's extended services and events, including nutrition and child development workshops.

2018 Camp Information

Camp Type:

  • Day Camp

Camp Season:

  • Summer

Camp Subject:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Science/Nature

Camp Age:

  • < 1 Year Old
  • 1 Year Old
  • 2 Years Old
  • 3 Years Old
  • 4 Years Old
  • 5 Years Old
  • 6 Years Old

2018 Camp Sessions

  • Arts & Crafts, Science/Nature, Performing Arts, Music
    < 1 Year Old, 1 Year Old, 2 Years Old, 3 Years Old, 4 Years Old, 5 Years Old, 6 Years Old

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