Birdstreet Community Center Summer Camp

500,Columbia Rd
Dorchester, MA 02125




Vision: Bird Street Community Center is the "hub" for children and youth who seek intellectual, physical, emotional, and personal growth and well being. Courts, social service agencies, schools and families trust Bird Street to help the community's low income/high risk children achieve important life goals and grow into young adults who are community change makers and leaders. Bird Street is the major provider of intentional programming for out-of-school and after school activities. Generations of children and then their children find a safe and caring place for growing and developing character and skills.Mission: To provide low income high-risk youth with all of the critical programs and services that allow inner city children and youth to rise above poverty, to become the first in their families to graduate from college, to lead the community as a place of peace and prosperity, and to thrive as the adults of tomorrow. Bird Street provides these programs and services in an environment that is youth-friendly,safe, and supportive of the potential that is possible when families schools, and agencies work together to nurture the young.The Bird Street Community Center meets the day-to-day needs for building strong minds, healthy bodies and outlets for creative expression and social interaction for families and children. Bird Street enables individuals across generations to engage in educational activities and life-long learning. Bird Street is a "second home" for our members, providing space for local events, community gatherings, and celebrations. Bird Street remains vibrant, flexible, and responsive to the changing needs of the children and families of the North Dorchester / Roxbury neighborhoods.

2018 Camp Information

Camp Type:

  • Day Camp

Camp Season:

  • Summer

Camp Subject:

  • Academics
  • Multiple Types

Camp Age:

  • 5 Years Old
  • 6 Years Old
  • 7 Years Old
  • 8 Years Old
  • 9 Years Old
  • 10 Years Old
  • 11 and up

2018 Camp Sessions

  • Academics, Multiple Types
    5 Years Old, 6 Years Old, 7 Years Old, 8 Years Old, 9 Years Old, 10 Years Old, 11 and up

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