All Things Rock LLC Summer Camp

8478 Tyco Rd
Washington, DC 22182




All Things Rock is a Music Instruction school that specializes in a variety of instruments, including guitar, piano, bass, drums and more. Each of our teachers has years of formal training and a passion for music which we will share with you or your child. While we are all well versed in classical music and music theory, we do our best to keep lessons fun and to teach our students what the student wants to learn. We are rigorous in our teaching methods, but we are not rigid. It is vitally important to us that our pupils have fun with music, and think of playing music as a joy instead of a chore.

2018 Camp Information

Camp Type:

  • Day Camp

Camp Season:

  • Summer

Camp Subject:

  • Music
  • Performing Arts

Camp Age:

  • 8 Years Old
  • 9 Years Old
  • 10 Years Old
  • 11 and up

2018 Camp Sessions

  • Performing Arts, Music
    8 Years Old, 9 Years Old, 10 Years Old, 11 and up

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