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Model building with your own hands is easy and lots of fun. All it takes is a “can-do” attitude, the right tools, a little bit of practice, safety measures and the skills your child will learn at our workshop. My philosophy is that you need to build your project from scratch, using raw materials. This is not the typical expensive “almost ready to fly” model kit. Our models are built from materials that can be found at any home improvement store. A parent once asked me what will the child do with the model after completing it, sell it? This made me smile. No child would ever want to part with his or her creation after spending all those hours working hard on building it from scratch, paying special attention to the fine details. They will be proud of their creation and will certainly want to keep it. After building our models, your child will feel he or she can build anything. The acquired confidence and knowledge will serve them for years to come, as they will learn to troubleshoot, be resourceful, persistent and never quit. Our classes are based solely on hand tools, as I believe nothing can help a child get a better feel for the materials. Working with hand tools is the best way to achieve a long lasting set of skills and a solid foundation, not to mention the safety aspect. We consider our program to be a child’s introduction to engineering. He or she will execute a plan created by an engineer, incorporating math skills such as geometry and measuring, as well as visualization and spatial skills. Lastly, this activity provides a great alternative to the computer and the variety of entertainment technologies that our children are engaged in and exposed to on a daily basis. Give your child the opportunity to experience the enormous sense of pride and excitement in saying: “I made that!”

2018 Camp Information

Camp Type:

  • Day Camp

Camp Season:

  • Summer

Camp Subject:

  • Academics
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Multiple Types
  • Science/Nature
  • Technology

Camp Age:

  • 6 Years Old
  • 7 Years Old
  • 8 Years Old
  • 9 Years Old
  • 10 Years Old
  • 11 and up

2018 Camp Sessions

  • Arts & Crafts, Science/Nature, Technology, Academics, Multiple Types
    6 Years Old, 7 Years Old, 8 Years Old, 9 Years Old, 10 Years Old, 11 and up

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