Jefunira Camp

1711 Stanford Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94305




Jefunira Camp, founded in 1991, is built around an inclusive philosophy, and does not have an emphasis on any specific activity area, instead allowing campers to explore their interests in all activities without the pressure to be a master in any one. We focus on play. This allows a budding Picasso to have a fabulous time on the soccer field and a future Michael Jordan to unleash their creativity and build a 10 story house out of index cards. By putting the emphasis on participation and encouraging kids to try a range of different activities, regardless of their previous experience, we create an environment where campers feel safe trying new things without worrying about the score or outcome. Our updated version of the classic summer camp experience will captivate and engage your children!

2018 Camp Information

Camp Type:

  • Day Camp

Camp Season:

  • Summer

Other Features:

  • Extended Care Available
  • Special Needs Available

What Others are Saying


1 reviews

  • Tru Love

    FEEL SICK TO MY STOMACH. :-( I FEEL VIOLATED. Jefunira does *NOT* allow parents to opt OUT of a photo release. You MUST give Jefunira Camp written permission (see below) to USE YOUR CHILD (any way they want) for their company advertising --- OR your kid can *not* attend camp!!!! OMG. This is shocking!!! Jefunira exploits kids to increase their revenue!!! Jefunira's sale of goods and services??? YOUR KID ON VIDEOTAPE. And as a parent you have no control how it's used. That. Is. Creepy!!! "I hereby grant Jefunira Camp LLC full rights to copyright, exhibit, and publish in any medium including but not limited to, editorial, illustration, promotion, advertising, internet, or trade all photographs taken by Jefunira Camp LLC and it's agents of my child at Jefunira Camp LLC program locations." Obviously, Jefunira ONLY cares about self-promotion. Where's the NO STAR button?

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