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Young Champions combines pom & cheerleading into one program. Students are taught cheerleading techniques such as cheers and chants with arm motions, jumps, leaps and mounts. Students are also taught pom dance routines and pom “parade” routines. We have incorporated the most modern and current dance techniques into our curriculum, and developed teaching methods that work best for children and teens. Promoting good sportsmanship and spirit, students will also have the opportunity to participate in Young Champions Pom & Cheer Showcases. Students will showcase a dance routine and a cheer to earn a collectable trophy and achievement ribbon based on their performance with their class. Everyone is a winner! Young Champions marches in various parades throughout the metropolitan & surrounding areas. Students age 6 & older are invited to march with us (NOT REQUIRED) in these parades. Poms are required for this program. Students may bring their own or they can purchase ours for $14.00 a set. Students who wish to march in parades are required to use Young Champions’ poms. (Please see “Required Items” section) For class, students are asked to wear the Cheer uniform, practice outfit, or comfortable, loose clothing such as shorts or sweatpants, t-shirts, tank tops, and tennis shoes. No dresses, sandals, jewelry, or gum chewing is allowed in class.


Young Champions marches in various parades throughout the metropolitan areas. Please see parade class handout for specific information. Students age 6 & older are invited to march with us (not required) in these parades. *Please note; some parades may limit participants by age for safety. The organizations that invite us to perform and march require that participants in each marching group be in uniform. Therefore, uniforms and metallic red & silver poms are required for participation in parades. Also due to parade themes, students will be required to purchase and wear a theme item to promote the parade’s festive theme, usually costing $2.00 - $5.00. Students are under no obligation to purchase a uniform or our poms unless they will be marching in a parade. Uniforms cannot be exchanged after they have been worn. ALL exchanges must first be approved through the Young Champions office. Information regarding uniforms and parades will be given out in a few weeks. All parents and students are required to attend a parade clinic to be eligible to march with our group at upcoming parades. Parents and students learn parade procedures, purchase uniforms (special savings packages are offered at parade clinics only) and students will practice parade routines. All students will earn a parade performance pin! Information on the parade clinic will be given in a few weeks. A nominal fee will be charged to attend the parade clinic.

Showcase of the Stars

All Young Champions Pom & Cheer students are invited to attend and showcase their skills in the Young Champions Pom & Cheer Showcase (not required) to be held later in the fall and spring semesters. The Showcase is a great learning experience for all students as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence and fun! Students will perform with their class, competing with other classes of the same basic age and skill level. All participants will receive a collectible trophy and an achievement ribbon.

Pom Squad Tryouts

Students will also have the opportunity to tryout for ten different pom squads. Tryouts give students something to work for and prepares them for future tryouts on school squads. Tryouts are usually held the week prior to the final lesson for $10.00 plus the class fee. Tryouts are not required. A new colored pom will be awarded for each level achieved. Visit our website at for a list of requirements.

Class Times & Fees

Young Champions Coaches assign class times based on students’ ages and abilities. Young Champions has four class levels. As students progress, the class time duration and cost will increase.

Ages 4-7 Junior Varsity 40 minutes $6.00 Ages 8-older Varsity 40 minutes $6.00 Intermediate All Stars 60 minutes $7.00 Advanced Elite All Stars 90 minutes $10.00

2018 Camp Information

Camp Type:

  • Day Camp

Camp Season:

  • Summer

Camp Subject:

  • Dance
  • Performing Arts

Camp Age:

  • 4 Years Old
  • 5 Years Old
  • 6 Years Old
  • 7 Years Old
  • 8 Years Old
  • 9 Years Old
  • 10 Years Old
  • 11 and up

2018 Camp Sessions

  • Performing Arts, Dance
    4 Years Old, 5 Years Old, 6 Years Old, 7 Years Old, 8 Years Old, 9 Years Old, 10 Years Old, 11 and up

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