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Being Savvy: Activities, things to do with your preschoolers, toddlers and kids in Washington DC, DC

Room to Run: Brookside Gardens


We just went to Brookside Gardens and as much as I love going there, each time we go, I'm reminded how wonderful it is. Located in Wheaton, Maryland, Brookside Gardens is 50 acres of free tranquility and beauty that can wear your child out! One of my favorite features is the Japanese Tea House . Accessible by a stone path or a wooden footbridge, the Japanese Tea House is a place to enjoy some ... Read more >

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Meadowlark Botanical Gardens


Have a budding (har-har) botanist in your family? Now is the perfect time for a trip to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna for a lesson in how the changing seasons affect the gardens. The 95-acre space boasts a nice visitor center, ornamental gardens, native plants and wildflowers, a wooded trail, a large lake, and lots of kid-focused displays and play ... Read more >

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Kicking off the New Year


So, schools have been closed for a long, long time now and I'm sure many of us are looking for ways to get the kids out the house for a day. The good news is that many things are open on New Year's Day. Here are my recommendations for getting the new year kicked off to an educational start. The Smithsonian - all Smithsonian museums are open tomorrow, and most open at 10 ... Read more >

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Let is Snow Let it Snow Let is Snow


I'm ready for some actual snow around here, and so is my three year old. (She'll be three and a half tomorrow, but absolutely insists that we do not refer to her as three and a half until she is well and fully three and a half.) While we wait for some good sledding weather, we've been trying to make the most of the occasional dusting we've received so far this winter. Here are a few ... Read more >

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Kid Art Auction for Earth Day 2009


Our fabulous Being Savvy Denver City Editor, Aimee, has recently announced the second annual Kid Art Auction for Earth Day. This effort was started last year when Aimee's six year old son suggested that they hold an art sale in their backyard. Things being what they are, the effort soon made the jump to cyberspace and raised nearly $800 for environmental causes. The concept is ... Read more >

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The Voice of BeingSavvy
washington dc


Leticia never had any inkling that she would end up in the DC Metro Area but now finds herself loving everything about living here except Beltway traffic. Born and raised in Northern California's Silicon Valley, this Bay Area native spent 6 years as a New Englander and then moved to the DC Metro Area to be closer to her now-husband and teach for a local school system. By day, Leticia spends...Read more >

Beth Hoffman

Beth is a former corporate flunky turned corporate drop-out and now spends most of her time chasing her two kids; princess-obsessed brand-new preschooler, Mia, and food-obsessed chubbiest baby you've ever seen, Owen. She's a 30-year resident of Northern Virginia and enjoys dragging her kids to all the same places her parents used to drag her....Read more >

Ten Toys for Your Outdoor Play Toolchest


As glad as we are that you are reading this post, we really want you to go outside. Because unless it's 12 degrees, raining or 4:00 in the morning, there's no reason for you and the kids not to be outside. So bag the laundry; forget the cleaning; turn ...Read more >

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