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Being Savvy: Activities, things to do with your preschoolers, toddlers and kids in Washington DC, DC

Teaching math through laundry


Ok, you probably read the title and thought that Ive gone off the deep end. I assure you I have not. Like most families, we spend a lot of time conquering the mountain of laundry that is omnipresent in our house. Little Miss Techie and Captain Computer are at the age where they enjoy helping by folding washcloths, diving on the pile of laundry, or upsetting it as they crawl under the sheets. In ... Read more >

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Must Haves for Vehicle Enthusiasts


2 year old Captain Computer loves anything that goes. Fire trucks, ambulances, street sweepers, the trash and recycling trucks, buses- city or school, and any sort of construction equipment make him giddy with delight. Here are just a few products that set his little heart a-flutter and are sure to please your vehicle enthusiast too: Touch and Feel Fire Engine Fire engines are immediately ... Read more >

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Spicing up Early Literacy


I don't know about you, but I have a heck of a time keeping a three year old and a nine month old entertained long enough to get dinner on the table every night. At least I did, until I turned my spice rack over to the kids. Now, my spice rack is really a low shelf in a cabinet, so when I need to get dinner started I just open up the door and point the kids in that direction. The baby ... Read more >

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Butterfly Pavilion at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


If you are looking to add a touch of Spring to these cold Winter months, you need look no further than the Butterfly Pavilion at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (10th and Constitution, NW, Smithsonian Station in the Blue and Orange Lines). Start with a stroll through the Partners in Evolution Exhibition which explored the connections between butterflies and ... Read more >

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Kicking off the New Year


So, schools have been closed for a long, long time now and I'm sure many of us are looking for ways to get the kids out the house for a day. The good news is that many things are open on New Year's Day. Here are my recommendations for getting the new year kicked off to an educational start. The Smithsonian - all Smithsonian museums are open tomorrow, and most open at 10 ... Read more >

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Product Review: Leapfrog Clickstart My First Computer


My three-and-a-half year old received a Leapfrog Clickstart My First Computer for Christmas. My husband and I decided to get her a "computer" because she is fascinated by our laptops and because she enjoys the games she can play on the stations set up in the children's section of our local library. So far, the gift has been a huge hit with her and with us. As with all things, there are pros ... Read more >

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Kindergarten Readiness


Thinking ahead to kindergarten? Here's a list, compiled by kindergarten teachers, of skills a child should have when entering kindergarten. Language/Literacy Exposure to rhyming Discrimination between letters and numbers First name recognition (orally and visually) Know letters in first name Print first name Recognition ... Read more >

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The Voice of BeingSavvy
washington dc


Leticia never had any inkling that she would end up in the DC Metro Area but now finds herself loving everything about living here except Beltway traffic. Born and raised in Northern California's Silicon Valley, this Bay Area native spent 6 years as a New Englander and then moved to the DC Metro Area to be closer to her now-husband and teach for a local school system. By day, Leticia spends...Read more >

Beth Hoffman

Beth is a former corporate flunky turned corporate drop-out and now spends most of her time chasing her two kids; princess-obsessed brand-new preschooler, Mia, and food-obsessed chubbiest baby you've ever seen, Owen. She's a 30-year resident of Northern Virginia and enjoys dragging her kids to all the same places her parents used to drag her....Read more >

Building Your Child's "Green" Vocabulary


Our children are our teachers in so many ways, obvious as well as subtle. Their very appearance in our lives immediately certifies us as experts in all sorts of things?and rookie-league amateurs in all kinds of others! Then they go to school, where they come to know facts ...Read more >

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