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Savvy Review with Giveaway: Cherry Blossom Market Fosters Imaginative Play


As a mom of a 2 and a 4 year old, I get to witness a lot of imaginative play in our house. Little Miss Techie and Captain Computer spend hours playing in forts underneath blankets, creating garages for their cars, and cooking up delicious imagination concoctions in their play kitchen. Now their play with their kitchen has gone to the next level with the addition of the Cherry Blossom Market into ... Read more >

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Write a Letter to Santa for a Good Cause


With December here and the Christmas drawing closer with each passing day, children are dreaming up their wish lists for items that they hope Santa will bring for good behavior. But Christmas doesn't always have to be about consumption. It is also a time of good will and helping others. Inspired by the 1897 letter written by 8 year old Virginia O'Hanlon to the editor of The New York Sun ... Read more >

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Savvy Guest: Customized Holiday Gift Baskets by Chelsea Benetez from Elite Occasions


TodayÔ??s Savvy Guest is Chelsea Benetz, Director of Hospitality Sales at Elite Occasions in Washington DC. Elite Occasions is a custom gift basket company that has been in the DC Metro Area for over 17 years. It is a hidden gem since it can be a huge timesaver for busy parents not only around the holidays, but all year round. Today Chelsea shares gift ideas for all the people on your list and ... Read more >

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Five for Tuesday - Local Holiday Traditions


One of the fun things about having kids is the chance to start new traditions for your family. So far, most of our have been home-based because the kids are little and it is just easier, so we make gingerbread men on Thanksgiving morning and Christmas-themed sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. But I expect to be hauling the kids all over town before much longer, the same way my parents hauled ... Read more >

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Tuesday List: Gifts that Give All Year Long


If you feel like your house is inundated with endless toys at the holidays, why not ask for gifts that keep giving throughout the year? Magazine subscriptions, classes, theater tickets, memberships, or a coupon book good for activities that can be done throughout the year make great gifts. Here´┐Ż??s a list of ideas to get you started. Magazine subscriptions are great because they show up in ... Read more >

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Greening the Holidays


Regardless of what you are celebrating this year, make your holidays a little greener by being kind to the environment and teaching your children a lesson in conservation. The holidays always involves an amazing collection of trash due to wrapping paper and the packaging that gifts come in. Be green when you wrap by recycling materials that would otherwise go in your trash. I was flipping ... Read more >

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Holiday Timeseaver: Give the Gift of See's Candy


A post on my local moms' listserv by a new mother needing holiday shopping tips with a newborn inspired me to think of a site that offers one stop shopping for everyone who may be on a family's holiday gift list. I immediately thought of See's Candies , the California based confectioner who has some of the most delicious chocolate at reasonable prices. Having grown up consuming an obscenely ... Read more >

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The Voice of BeingSavvy
washington dc


Leticia never had any inkling that she would end up in the DC Metro Area but now finds herself loving everything about living here except Beltway traffic. Born and raised in Northern California's Silicon Valley, this Bay Area native spent 6 years as a New Englander and then moved to the DC Metro Area to be closer to her now-husband and teach for a local school system. By day, Leticia spends...Read more >

Beth Hoffman

Beth is a former corporate flunky turned corporate drop-out and now spends most of her time chasing her two kids; princess-obsessed brand-new preschooler, Mia, and food-obsessed chubbiest baby you've ever seen, Owen. She's a 30-year resident of Northern Virginia and enjoys dragging her kids to all the same places her parents used to drag her....Read more >

Ten Toys for Your Outdoor Play Toolchest


As glad as we are that you are reading this post, we really want you to go outside. Because unless it's 12 degrees, raining or 4:00 in the morning, there's no reason for you and the kids not to be outside. So bag the laundry; forget the cleaning; turn ...Read more >

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