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Flashback - 5 favorite posts from September


My husband has been working long hours all this month so I've basically been flying solo around here for a month. Needless to say, I welcome October with open, grateful arms. Still, September wasn't a total wash. In case you missed it, here are five of the best posts from September. 1. Bistro de l'Hermitage - friendly French food for four-year-olds - Because excessive alliteration aside, it ... Read more >

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Mommie Brain - Write it down, don't forget


Today we welcome Rachel Zients Schinderman, the mother of an energetic two-year-old and the brain behind Mommie Brain , a writing workshop for mothers in Los Angeles. She started Mommie Brain as a way to help other moms and moms-to-be document the experience of motherhood. You can also find her at her column at The Santa Monica Daily Press, which is also called Mommie Brain. Mommie Brain's ... Read more >

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The Getty Museum - A Preschooler's Guide Part 1


You exit the 405 at Getty Center Drive and make your way to the parking entrance where you fork over $10(!!!!) for parking. You enter the underground parking lot and pass several large school buses and your heart sinks as you anticipate large hordes of elementary school students ready to trample on your tiny preschooler. But you continue on (since you already paid the ten bucks, there's no ... Read more >

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It Takes Two - 5 activities that are more fun with a pal


Sometimes planning a playdate seems like more effort than it's worth. After all, it's hard enough to watch your own kid, let alone their friend too. But preschoolers are at that magical age where they're just learning to play with and not just alongside other children, and it's worth it to give them time with other children even outside of preschool. Here are a few better-with-two fun ... Read more >

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Bistro de l'Hermitage - friendly French food for four-year-olds


When I went to Paris with my mother and grandmother in college (I know, some collegians go on wild adventures with their classmates. I, on the other hand, did Europe with my elders), they didn't want to eat at French food. Totally blasphemous, right? My mom and grandma are the folks who frequent the same three restaurants and order the same thing every time they go. So French food seemed a ... Read more >

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Doing the LA County Fair before naptime


The fair opens at 11 on Fridays, meaning that I had exactly three hours before my two-year-old melted into a steaming pile of wayward limbs and glass-shattering cries. Of course, I forgot to take into account that the heat, the excitement and the sugar (oh, the sugar !) would make that more like two hours and fifteen minutes before meltdown. So, might I suggest that you try and make it to the ... Read more >

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Boxers and Ballerinas


When I was growing up I took ballet and in the adjoining studio, my brothers took Tae Kwon Do. In the midst of our plies and pirouettes we would hear the unmistakable sound of kicking feet meeting (albeit heavily padded) chests, not to mention the distinctive yells that punctuated every punch and kick. Fast forward a few years and I was still dancing, but I also found myself joining the boys ... Read more >

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5 Ideas for Child-free Fun


Sometimes, you just want to get away. We all can admit to needing a break from our kids (who, it goes without saying, we love to pieces) once in awhile, right? But sometimes we as parents get so immersed in our children's worlds that we completely forget what we did with ourselves BC (before children). In the child-free world, we can feel as though we've lost our bearings; we feel a kilter (and ... Read more >

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Noah's Ark at the Skirball Cultural Center


Noah's Ark at the Skirball Cultural Museum, nestled just off the 405 freeway north of the Getty Museum, is a whimsical, imaginative, non-stop fun destination for young children. Maybe because I'm so desperate for a children's museum here in Los Angeles (because the old one has moved far, far away - or at least too far to visit before naptime) the entire two hours I was there I couldn't stop ... Read more >

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Noah's Ark at the Skirball Cultural Center - Teaser


I finally made it out to the raved-about Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball Center today. I've been procrastinating, probably because I'm bad at doing anything that involves advance tickets (you must order tickets in advance, which can be done online ). After today, however, I'm hitting myself over the head - how could I have waited so long? My son loved every minute of our two-hour visit. We ... Read more >

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The Voice of BeingSavvy
west la

Susan Choi

Susan is a former Silicon Valley IT project manager who wanted to rise to the top of the corporate ranks until her first daughter was born. "It was as if all my professional ambitions came out of my body along with my baby." So Susan, along with her hubby and three-month baby, moved down to West LA in order to fulfill her new dream of becoming a stay-at-home mom. Little did she know that her...Read more >

Nina Moon

Nina and her husband Charlie live in a lovely little condo in West LA and sometimes dream of running away to the 'burbs for a house, a yard and a white picket fence. But mostly they love the city-livin' with their two sons, Caius, who is two and a half, and Cedric, who has still spent more of his existence inside Nina's belly than out of it. Nina makes her so-called living as a writer and...Read more >

Backyard Fun on a Budget


You don't need elaborate game sets or one of those huge, inflatable pseudo water parks to have fun in your own backyard this summer. You already have the makings for a fun day outdoors in your kitchen, garage, and linen closet. A fun day in the backyard can ...Read more >

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