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Child-Sized Calendar

ages 4-6


White construction paper or cardstock; markers or crayons; lots of stickers

Activity Detail

Create a calendar together to celebrate the new year. The first way that most children learn to keep track of the calendar year is through the holidays. From Halloween to New Year's to a child's own birthday, each holiday has a special magic that the little ones look forward to and plan for and then remember and revisit. To make your calendar together, you can either download a template to your computer (Microsoft has several to start with), or you can use your ruler and a black marker to create the grid. Older kids can number the days and write the names of the months; you'll have to help the little ones with this part of the project. Then find all of the holidays on the calendar, and let your child mark them with stickers. Try to find at least one for each month -- that will help them to mark the time more easily (e.g. After Valentine's Day, it's three more weeks until your birthday!). You can attach all of the sheets for months to a larger, sturdier piece of paper (double the size) to create a tear-off calendar, or you can punch holes in the sheets and connect them with ribbon or rings from the office store. Either way, let your child add his or her art to the calendar. That will make it more special throughout the year and a lovely keepsake at the end. Once it's complete, post your new calendar where everyone can see it. Your preschooler will begin to get the hang of days, weeks, and months before you know it.


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