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Huggable Valentine's Day Card

ages 3-6


Plain white paper, construction paper, markers, stickers, glue, scissors

Activity Detail

On a tabletop or on the floor, tape 4 or 5 pieces of plain white paper together end to end. Have your child lay down so that his shoulders are in the middle of the strip of papers and his arms out reach out to the ends of the papers. Then trace your child's arms and hands, making a big paper hug. Cut out the hands and arms as one long piece. Have your child decorate the "hug" with markers, stickers and stamps and add a Valentine's Day greeting. Fold the hug accordion style until the hands fold flat against each other. Decorate a piece of folded, colored construction paper to use as a card shell and glue the back of one hand to the right side inside of the card. You can now surprise a faraway family member with a very special holiday hug.



margreg said:

Now that's a Valentine card! Cute! I think you would need butcher paper that is wide enough for the arms-just want to clarify that! Good idea--Grandma would love it!

- Posted on Jun 24, 2008

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