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Christmas Wreath Bird Feeder

ages 2-6


Old natural Christmas wreath, various food items, string or wire,

Activity Detail

Don't just throw out your Christmas wreath; recycle it and decorate with treats it for your feathered friends! First make sure that there are no ornaments, lights, tinsel or glitter on the wreath. Decorate it with pieces of bread, pine cones (natural, no glitter or glue) rolled in peanut butter and bird or unsalted seeds, strings of berries and popcorn, bagels cut and covered with honey and seeds. Either tie the items onto the wreath with string or secure them with wire, but make sure that the wire is very secure as to not harm the birds. You can also decorate with ribbon or yarn scraps that can be used for nesting material. Hang or set out in your yard for a great bird watching opportunity!


Leanne said:

Awesome activity!

- Posted on May 20, 2008

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