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Where in the World?

ages 4-6


Globe, map or atlas, paper and pen (I actually have our question list typed up on the computer so we can fill a new report for each location we discover), and a computer

Activity Detail

Use a map or globe; kids love that globes spin, but if you don't have one, use an atlas or a map. Let your child run their finger around it until they find the perfect spot. Then play a game called "Where in the world is this?" Based on your child's age, come up with a list of questions that you can research together. Some good ones to start with are what is the name of the country, what is the current climate, what bodies of water are in or near the country, are there mountains in the country, how many people live there, what language do they speak, what type of animals are native to there. Questions can evolve as the kids get older. Then, using that list of questions get interactive on your computer. Teach kids what they need to ask a search engine to find what they want to know. This will not only teach them valuable facts about geography but will also help them to become proficient with the computer and using it as a resource.


jennifersweckard said:

This is a great idea for an educational game. Mom and Dad will learn something too! Perhaps you can keep a log of all the places you have learned about together.

- Posted on Apr 27, 2008

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