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What Is That Animal?

ages 4-6



Activity Detail

We love to do this activity after visiting a zoo, but you can do it any time your child encounters a new animal he or she is not familiar with. For example, the last visit to the zoo, my son was enthralled with the Jaguars and must have had 50 questions on the way home. When we got home, we talked about the kinds of things we'd like to know about Jaguars and came up with a list of 10 questions like where do they live, how fast can they run, do they like to swim, etc. We wrote them down and then hopped on the computer together to go exploring the world of Jaguars. My son was amazed how much information was "inside" the computer. He learned a lot and remembers most of the facts since it was interactive for him. Now, whenever he sees a new animal, he wants to explore it online!


annabell said:

This is great preparation for getting ready for reports in the classroom. Thanks!

- Posted on Mar 31, 2008

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