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Cool Ice Cube Painting

ages 3-6


Powdered tempera paints, thick paper, ice cubes, tray or box.

Activity Detail

During this activity, help your child to observe how colors can create different feelings and how certain colors can seem "cool" (blue, green, purple). Sprinkle a small amount (about 1 Tbsp.) of "cool" colored powdered tempera paints such as purple, blue and green, on any light colored construction or thick paper. Have your child paint a cool, blue ocean by using an ice cube as their "paintbrush" and mixing the colors together on the paper as the ice melts. It may be helpful to place the paper in a short box or on a tray with short sides to avoid dripping from the melting ice cube (tops of printer paper boxes work great).


jennifersweckard said:

Using ice cubes to paint is a fun change of pace from paint brushes or fingers. It might be helpful to wrap 1/2 the ice cube in a washcloth, creating a "handle" so that little fingers don't get too cold.

- Posted on Mar 27, 2008

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