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Potty Training Chart

ages 2-4


Large paper or poster board, marker, tape, assorted stickers

Activity Detail

Having trouble getting your little one started with potty training? Here's an art project that will also offer an incentive to sit on the potty. Get a large piece of paper or posterboard. Write the days of the week across the top with a marker and then draw vertical lines between the days to create a column for each day (you can fit 2 weeks worth of columns on each side of the poster board). Next purchase several sheets of stickers in a theme(s) that your child will like. Hang the board with tape in the bathroom where it is clearly visible and reachable for the child. Tell your child that if he goes to sit on the potty he will be able to reach into the sticker bag and select any sticker he would like to stick on the chart for the given day of the week. The chart becomes a board of all your child's favorite stickers and a visual record of how well he is doing sitting on the potty.


Brookyn said:

This activity is absolutely worth a try for anyone in the process of trying to potty train. Having said that, however, I have found that you can only get so far before enticements like stickers and charts lose their appeal, at least with some kids. More than anything, potty training is about being ready. My son showed absolutely no interest in sitting on the potty until he was nearly 4 and then he was trained within a week or 2 because I believe he was ready. For him, bribery and charts did not work. What worked, I believe, though is sending him to preschool with underwear and the "peer pressure" of being around other kids who were already trained.

- Posted on Jun 20, 2008

ramyasiva said:

i am actually strugling to train my daughter twoand half years old . she likes to do it on her diapers veryrarely if hse is ina really good mood she would sit on the potty otherwise she jus says she does not to do potty itself . so i have no other go but to allow her to do it on her diaper itslef. the idea given seems very interseting willtry it and get back

- Posted on Mar 11, 2009

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