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Monster Truck Course

ages 2-5


A toy truck, smaller cars & trucks, building blocks, stacks of small books, a pillow, other assorted items for the truck to drive over

Activity Detail

At some point, all little boys (and some girls) become obsessed with trucks and "crashing." My son loves to watch monster trucks drive over things, jump over cars, and crash, so we created his own race course on the living room floor. First we went around the house and selected things to place on the course -- small cars & trucks, a stack of books, wooden blocks, a pillow from the couch. Then we placed the items on the living room floor in an oval pattern, leaving 1-2 feet between each item for his truck to drive. He places his "monster truck" at the start of the course and we wave a flag. The truck takes off driving and then encounters the different objects to jump, drive on, crash into, etc. We use a timer to time how long it takes the truck to make its way around the course and then do it over and over again.


annabell said:

Trucks and crashes, nothing sounds more fun than this! Thanks!

- Posted on Mar 31, 2008

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