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5 Senses Game

ages 3-6

Activity Detail

This is a great activity for kids to do on a car trip. Name an object that you see while driving, for example, a tree, a cow, a tire, etc. Have your child describe it using the 5 senses: what does the object look like, does it make a sound, what would it taste like, etc. This encourages your child to think creatively and analytically about the things around him.


Yael said:

You can never have enough activities to keep the kids entertained while on a long car trip, so this is great for that reason alone. However, it just seems like a variation on the game, I Spy, so it's not that original.

- Posted on Apr 28, 2008

Brookyn said:

This activity is a variation on Twenty Questions or I Spy, but it's still a nice idea. My 5-year old son loves Twenty Questions and he loved this as well. It is, indeed a great way to while away time on a car trip and helps to get kids thinking, especially older kids.

- Posted on Jun 19, 2008

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