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Cutting Food

ages 3-6


Plastic or butter knife, cutting board, pieces of food

Activity Detail

Here is a simple way to entertain your child while you are preparing meals in the kitchen. Give your child a cutting board and a plastic knife (or if they are old enough, a butter knife). Next give him some of the things you are using in your cooking: a piece of bread, an orange peel, part of a banana, a piece of tomato, and let him practice slicing the foods. Talk to the child about which ones are easy to cut and which are harder. Which ones are messier and which ones clean. How do they smell when they are cut? This will keep your little one occupied in the kitchen and also work on fine motor skills. It will also get your child more familiar with foods you eat and use to cook.


Yael said:

My five-year old loves to "help" me in the kitchen while I cook. The problem is, instead, he often winds up conducting his own "science experiments," which tend to result in big messes for me to clean up. This activity keeps him busy in the kitchen and makes him feel like he's really helping. Just an fyi: For those of you near an IKEA, they sell very cheap plastic cutting boards in various colors. You can have your child pick out his or her own the next time you shop there to make this activity even more fun.

- Posted on Apr 28, 2008

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