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Floating Fun

ages 3-6


Balloons, paper & pen, small helium tank, curling ribbon

Activity Detail

Nothing gets kids more excited for the day than to come down to breakfast and see a fun balloon floating high above their chair. When you hear of a fun thing to do or place to go, jot it down on a piece of paper and toss it into the family fun basket. Then when the weekend rolls around (or a weekday with nothing going on), roll up an activity from the basket and stick it into a balloon and fill it with helium. Then, tie it to one of the kids chairs. Tell them the "fun fairy" floated them an activity to do that day and they will happily go along with the fun. The good news is you know the night before where you are going and can pack the bags and stuff you will need. For the kids, it teaches them that it can be fun to be spontaneous. Do this once or twice a month and the excitement and wonder will last for a long time. Plus if the kids don't know you have it, the helium tank will last a whole year.


Amy said:

What a great idea to make a note of it when you hear of a fun place to go or thing to do. I'm not sure I'll do the helium tank, but I may try letting my child pick something out of the basket (after I sort through and make sure I'm willing to do all the ones in there!).

- Posted on Mar 14, 2008

beancuso said:

What a fun and simple idea. I can't wait to try it and see my kids' reactions. Maybe the "Fun Fairy" will visit me, too!

- Posted on Sep 14, 2008

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