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Christmas Tree Handprint Shirt

ages 1-6


Plain shirt, several shades of green fabric paint, additional fabric paint colors, buttons optional

Activity Detail

This sweet handprint activity can be done with paint or with fabric. Purchase a plain shirt and different colors of green fabric paint. Each family member can paint their hand and start the tree base with the largest handprint first,upside down, fingers fairly close together. Allow the largest handprint to dry, then overlap the next largest, up to the smallest handprint, which will make the top of the tree. Add a trunk and embellish with additional colored fabric paint or buttons for tree decorations or just leave it plain. Label with the year and your family name, if desired. I have also seen this done as an extended family project, where Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. all traced and cut their handprints out of fabric. It was made into a quilt for the matriarch of the family. What a wonderful memory!


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