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Painting Plexiglass

ages 3-6


Large plexiglass rectangle, scrap boards, small rectangle of plywood, paint, brushes, spray bottle, 2 or more kids

Activity Detail

Preschoolers love to paint, and they are still learning cooperative play. This activity allows them to work on both! Get a large rectangle of plexiglass and create a base with two boards nailed together on the bottom of the short side of the rectangle. Create a foot for the base with plywood so it has some stability. Basically, the end product will look like a standing mirror, but you can see through it! Add some paint and a friend to pose for you, and you've got an endless canvas for fun. Provide a spray bottle with water and towels to "clean up" and they can paint again, taking turns painting one another as they look through the plexiglass. This is definitely an outdoor/garage/splat mat activity!


margreg said:

Cute! Kids can have lots of fun with this paint board and can reuse it-great idea! You should sell them!

- Posted on Mar 25, 2008

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