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Pick a Letter!

ages 3-6


Scattergories die or 26 sturdy cards with each letter of the alphabet in a container or cup.

Activity Detail

Kids become fascinated by letters and sounds at a very early age. To encourage this fascination and to develop pre-reading skills and phonemic awareness, this is a simple game you can play at home or on the go. There is a 26-sided die with each letter of the alphabet in the game Scattergories. You can take turns rolling the die and see if each player can come up with a word that start with the letter rolled. For younger kids, you can play by telling your child the sound of the letter and then giving two words that begin with different letters, such as apple and dog, and see if your child can pick which one starts with the letter on the die. If you don't have a Scattergories die, you can cut strips of 3x5 card and put a letter on each card, then pull them from a cup. Have fun!!


Amy said:

We don't have a Scattegories, but I'm going to try this by putting our letter magnets in a container.

- Posted on Mar 9, 2008

margreg said:

Something to do with that Scattegories die-yea! Now we have to figure out something good to do with the loud timer! Thanks!

- Posted on May 27, 2008

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