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Blowing in the Wind (Creating a Wind Vane)

ages 3-6


Large piece of construction paper Markers, paints or other art supplies to decorate Tape or stapler Crepe Paper Ribbons Small dowel if desired

Activity Detail

Teach your kids about wind and the weather with this fun activity. Decorate a large piece of construction paper with markers, paints or other art supplies. Then roll it into a long tube (about the size of a paper towel tube) and staple or tape the paper along the edge, fastening it together like a cylinder. Once the paper is securely fastened, tape pieces of crepe paper or ribbons around one of the round ends to make streamers that will blow in the wind. You have just created a wind vane. To complete the project, punch one hole on either side of the top end of the cylinder (the non-streamer end). Take a measure of string, the length is up to you, and tie one end through each hole. You can then hang your wind vane from your Christmas light hooks on the outside of your house to see how hard the wind is blowing and from which direction.



novelline said:

A good, intricate, activity - could be a little too involved for some child's attention span.

- Posted on Aug 29, 2007

ashleyoneill said:

You could also modify this activity to make wind chimes by tying strings with bells on the end in the place of the streamers or ribbons.

- Posted on Mar 7, 2008

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