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Guess the Shadow

ages 3-6


Large white sheet, flashlight, various household objects and toys

Activity Detail

Hang a large white sheet over your shower curtain rod so that you can stand behind it and be mostly covered. Take a few objects -- things with recognizable silhouettes -- with you into the tub. As you're standing behind the white sheet, hold up one of the objects and shine a flashlight on it so that it creates a shadow silhouette on the white sheet. Have your kids, who should be outside the tub and looking at the sheet, see if they can guess what the object is. It's great to hear the imaginative guesses that they come up with, and they're so proud of themselves when they get it right. You might need to give them a few hints before they'll get it right.


annabell said:

I will have to try this!! I may even do this while the kids are in the tub and I am waiting for them to finish up.

- Posted on Mar 1, 2008

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