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Cotton Ball Snowman

ages 2-6


Paper, glue, cotton balls, pencil, cups to trace, macaroni, popcorn and paint

Activity Detail

Find different size cups or mugs for preschoolers to trace (no glass ones). If you don't have different size cups to use, try small round containers, lids, or unopened cans. You'll need three different sizes. On paper have preschoolers trace three circles in stacking order with the biggest on the bottom. Have them fill in the circles with cotton balls and a little bit of glue. You can simplify the gluing process by squeezing out glue onto a plate and giving them a cotton swab to use. Paint macaroni and popcorn different colors to use for eyes, mouth, nose and buttons.


Yael said:

This activity, while not the most original, is a worthy one because it's a classic, and classics as they say, never go out of style.

- Posted on Feb 28, 2008

jennifersweckard said:

You could also add a little clear glitter to make the snowman sparkle. Don't forget some pipe-cleaners for arms!

- Posted on Jun 6, 2008

mariapolson said:

I just started looking into crafts for my 22 month old daughter. Right now she is fascinated with cotton balls so this was a perfect activity for her and not too messy for her age! It also brought back memories of me doing this in kindergarten!

- Posted on Dec 11, 2008

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