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Toilet Paper Towers

ages 1-6


Large package of toilet paper rolls (12 rolls or more work best)

Activity Detail

Every time I purchase toilet paper, my sons love to open the package and build towers with the rolls. They try to build one as tall as themselves. They try to build two that are equal. It's a fun way to introduce math concepts like equal, same, more, and less. We also count the rolls in each tower. Of course they also love knocking them done and starting again.


beancuso said:

FUN! Give them a more constructive way to TP while they're still young! Introducing those math concepts early and in a fun way will be so important later in school.

- Posted on Feb 29, 2008

jennifersweckard said:

This is a great way to build tall towers and knock them down without anyone getting hurt. A nice, soft tower!

- Posted on Jun 6, 2008

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