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Homemade Color Chart

ages 2-4


White paper or poster board; black marker; red, blue, and yellow paint (finger paint is best).

Activity Detail

Draw a big circle with black marker on a large white piece of paper or poster board. Divide the circle into six sections, like a pie. Have your little one help you color in one pie section with red paint (finger paint is especially good), leave the next one blank, then fill the next one in yellow, then blank, then blue. Next step: in the blank spaces between the yellow and blue slices, put a few drops of yellow and blue, and let your child mix them up together to make green. Do the same thing in the slice between red and blue, to make purple. You will end up with a big color chart.


beancuso said:

What a fun and visual way to teach your budding artist about color combining. Kids never tire of mixing colors. Read "Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh to accompany your artistic adventure.

- Posted on Feb 29, 2008

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