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ages 3-6


Five hula hoops

Activity Detail

4 to 10 children can play this game together. Spread out five hula hoops on a lawn (about 5 feet apart). One child is the shark. All other children stand inside one of the hula hoops. There cannot be more than 2 children in one hoop at a time. When the shark calls "Swim fishes!" all the other children (the fish) have to run and get into another hoop. If they are tagged while running to another hoop, they are out. Play until there is one fish left. This fish is the next shark.


beancuso said:

This is a game that would be great for large or small groups of kids. Maybe you could even play it in the sprinklers and add some real watery fun!

- Posted on Feb 29, 2008

K said:

My son plays this game at preschool during phisycal movement time.He loves it.

- Posted on Sep 25, 2011

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