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Hand Cookie

ages 2-6


Gingerbread recipe, roller, butter knife or dull utensil, cookie sheet.

Activity Detail

This works well with a gingerbread or sugar cookie recipe. Prepare cookie recipe as you normally would. When you roll it out, instead of using cookie cutters, place your child's clean hand on the dough and cut around it. Use a butter knife or a dull utensil because little ones wiggle a lot. Bake as you normally would and enjoy a hand cookie!!


Yael said:

Once you've made the cookie dough, this is a quick activity, and would make a cute gift for the grandparents. It could be elaborated upon by using colored sugar or sprinkles to decorate, or even diluted colored icing to "paint" it with coffee stirrer sticks.

- Posted on Feb 28, 2008

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