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Vegetable Painting

ages 2-4


Vegetables; paint and paper.

Activity Detail

A good activity for a day when you are cleaning out your refrigerator. Do you have a wrinkled red pepper in there? Some floppy broccoli? Sprouted potatoes? They're not good for eating, but they are good for a little art project. Instead of the usual paint brush, have your preschooler use these to make interesting textures and shapes in their paintings. (A cut up pepper makes particularly pretty shapes.)


Yael said:

This idea has potential though I think it could be elaborated upon to include for instance, using a cut-in-half apple with the "star-seeds" in the center to dip lightly into paint and create a print. The same can be done with a potato that's cut in half.

- Posted on Feb 28, 2008

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