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Balloon Ball

ages 2-4



Activity Detail

Find a fairly large, open area of the house where your child won't be in danger of running into anything. Blow up a balloon and show your child how to hit the balloon into the air with his/her hands. Try to hit the balloon back and forth, counting each successful hit. Or, simply hit the balloon to your child and challenge her to catch it...counting out loud each successful catch. Children who cannot yet catch a ball are thrilled to be able to catch the slower-moving balloon.


jlpasqual said:

My toddler loves this activity!

- Posted on Jun 11, 2007

Amy said:

When I play this with my 3 year old, we try to see how long (counting hits) we can keep the balloon from touching the ground. We use different body parts (feet, head, etc.) to make it fun and silly. My one year old also loves to throw the balloon and try to catch it. She is learning about taking turns as we pass it back and forth.

- Posted on Jul 17, 2007

Becky said:

This activity could also be done outdoors.

- Posted on Jul 26, 2007

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