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Duck, Duck, Splash!

ages 3-6


Dixie cups

Activity Detail

In your backyard on a hot day, gather kids in a circle (5 or more is best) and designate the child who is "it". With a small dixie cup of water that child walks around and touches the others in the circle and says the traditional, "duck, duck, duck..." until they come to the person they want to "splash"! They pour the cup of water on that person's back and they chase around the circle back to the empty spot. The splashed child then gets his or her turn to be "it". If you don't feel like playing with water, a great variation to this game is to choose another category, like shapes, colors, and animals. "Yellow, yellow, purple" and "lion, lion, zebra" are even more fun than duck, duck, goose!


tiffanywilk said:

This is a GREAT activity for a HOT day! Kids love to get cooled off with water on a hot day!

- Posted on Jun 25, 2008

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