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Interactive Wish List

ages 3-6


Store ads or magazines, scissors, tape or glue, paper, large envelope.

Activity Detail

A few months away from your child's birthday or a special holiday like Christmas, let them start looking at the toy ads you receive in the mail. Have them cut out the pictures of the items they like. I keep them all in an envelope until a few weeks away from the big event. Then we'll take them all out and paste or tape them to a piece of paper. They will likely have tons of photos, so they need to decide which ones they really like. They can only keep those that will fit on the paper (paper size is up to you). We end up with a present collage that is fun to show grandparents and other gift-givers.


Bonnie said:

The only problem I see is the child expecting to receive all these items and being disappointed after putting in so much time and work and not having them all materialize.

- Posted on May 27, 2008

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