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All About Me Book

ages 3-6


Child's picture, construction paper, crayons, markers, stickers.

Activity Detail

Let your child decorate a piece of construction paper in whatever manner he or she wishes -- using bingo dabbers, markers, crayons, stamps and stamp pads, stickers, etc. Then find a cute picture of your child and place a piece of double stick tape to the back. Let your child tape her picture anywhere she wants on the decorated construction paper. Next, type and print the following questions for your child to answer. You can either put each question on a separate page or put them all on one page. MY NAME IS____________________. (Child writes own name) I HAVE __________SISTERS AND _________BROTHERS. (Child uses number stickers to fill in answer.) I HAVE A PET _______________________. (Child chooses an animal sticker that depicts their pet or left this blank.) I LIKE THE COLOR ______________. (Child choses a crayon sticker or uses markers to color the answer.) I LIKE TO EAT ___________. (Answer is dictated by child and written by adult.) AT HOME I LIKE TO ________. (Answer is dictated by child and written by adult.) AT SCHOOL I LIKE TO_______. (Answer is dictated by child and written by adult.) Bind the finished pages together to create the "All about Me" book. Be sure to put the date on the back. Your child will love to flip through this in later years to see how much he or she has changed.


Amy said:

My daughter's preschool class did this, and then they pass the book from family to family to learn about each other. It would also work well for a play group but can be done with just your child, too. What a great keepsake if you date it or put your child's age and do it once a year!

- Posted on Feb 14, 2008

Bonnie said:

This is great!!

- Posted on May 16, 2008

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