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I Know My Body Parts

ages 3-6


Bulletin board paper, marker/pen

Activity Detail

Cut a three-foot long piece of bulletin board paper for each child. Spread the paper out on the floor. Have the child sit on the edge of the strip and stretch one leg out as far as possible over the length of the paper. Use marker to trace the outline of his leg; then write the words "my leg" above the outline. In the same fashion, make and label an outline of his arm, hand, and foot, lining each part up at the same edge of the paper. Allow the child to choose more body parts to trace as space allows- a finger, thumb, or even a toe. After drawing all the outlines, have the child color them. Using the resulting picture graph of his/her body parts, encourage him to compare their lengths.


annabell said:

What a fun idea!

- Posted on Jul 1, 2008

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