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Read the Room

ages 3-6


Blank 3x5 cards, long pointers, room with everyday items (e.g. living room, kitchen, bedroom, even outside!)

Activity Detail

I used to use this activity in my Kindergarten and Preschool classes, and the kids loved it! Turn a room in your house into a readable classroom by labeling things in it on blank 3x5 cards. Clearly print words like: couch, clock, rug, television, door, etc. and tape words to each item. It is best to use all lower case letters. Using something as a pointer (a yardstick or dowel with something on the end so it isn't dangerous), the kids can "read" the cards you have taped around the room. It reinforces the concept of letters making words, and words representing an object. Kids love to do this over and over. You can move on to another room in the house after a couple of weeks. I also used unsharpened pencils with the fun large erasers on the end to "read" favorite stories. The children can touch the words on the page as they read them. In no time, memorization becomes actual reading!


Amy said:

My 4 year old daughter was so excited to be reading when we did this activity!

- Posted on Feb 15, 2008

jennifersweckard said:

To take this game one step further, after a couple of weeks, take all the cards down, hand them to your child, and see how many he can place on the correct object.

- Posted on Jul 10, 2008

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