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Museum I Spy

ages 2-6


Art books (or museum guide) or web access to the museum collections in advance

Activity Detail

Every time we go to the art museum, we always play I Spy. We bring an art book or two (or when traveling abroad, we make color copies from books of the paintings that are housed at the museum we plan to visit) and review the paintings we're going to search for. Then, when entering a gallery, the kids are looking for something specific. When they're older, the game becomes more general - they have a copy of a Degas or Monet, and they have to find another by the same artist. Another twist for the really young ones is to play "I Spy" in a gallery -- looking for a painting by an artist, of something in particular, using certain color combinations, etc.


Yael said:

This is a great activity for giving kids a focus and some structure when going to a museum, instead of the typical scenario of them eventually losing interest and jrunning wild. I think it's a nice way to keep their attention riveted on the exhibits.

- Posted on Dec 23, 2007

julieraces said:

A great way to engage kids during trips to the museum.

- Posted on Dec 29, 2007

annabell said:

I think older than 4 years old would greatly benefit. I can't see my three year old enjoying this but my 4 and 6 year old definitely would!

- Posted on Dec 31, 2007

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