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Handprint Wreath Banner

ages 1-6


Half yard of white or cream linen, green and red paint, small paintbrush, glue, wooden dowel, ribbon

Activity Detail

Begin by making the banner from a half-yard square of white or cream fabric. Fold over the top edge to make a small dowel rod pocket and glue down the long edge. Now you're ready for your helper! Apply green paint to your child's hand and make handprints in a circle, varying the angle of the hand, to make a wreath shape. Then, using red paint, make a few berry clusters around the wreath. After the paint dries, thread a dowel through the pocket you made at the top. Attach a ribbon on each end of the dowel to use as a hanger. This is a sweet keepsake that you and your child will treasure pulling out of the holiday box each year.


Yael said:

This activity is a nice all-in-the family activity that you can all play a part in creating. For more than one child, it would be great to create a large banner with all the kids' handprints together.

- Posted on Dec 24, 2007

julieraces said:

Be sure to write the year on the back!

- Posted on Dec 29, 2007

annabell said:

I will have to try this with my children!

- Posted on Dec 31, 2007

burton125 said:

Red paint on fingertips works great for berries! I have done this on paper before but this will be my first attempt on fabric!

- Posted on Dec 20, 2008

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