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A Sweet Ornament

ages 1-6


Two candy canes, card stock, ribbon, small picture of your child

Activity Detail

Form a heart by facing two candy canes in towards each other. Glue the candy canes to sturdy card stock at the top and bottom. Let dry, then make a small hole at the top of the heart and run ribbon through the hole. (It's a good idea to glue the ribbon to the top of the candy canes to hold it straight.) Cut out a small picture of your child and glue it in the middle of the heart. Hang your new ornament on your tree or put it on the top of a package.


Tiffany said:

This would make a good Grandparent gift!

- Posted on Dec 18, 2007

Yael said:

This is a really cute idea though I am not sure how much it would appeal to a 1-2 year old. They'd probably be too young to appreciate it or participate to any significant degree.

- Posted on Dec 24, 2007

julieraces said:

This is a festive idea! Teaches shapes, too...

- Posted on Dec 29, 2007

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