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Toy Swap

ages 3-6


5 toys or books and a willing group of friends

Activity Detail

If you have a child, you probably also have toys coming out your ears! And to your child, it always seems that other kids' toys are more fun than his own. Want to introduce some new toys without spending money or adding to your already huge pile? Organize a toy swap. Call your friends with children, parents of your child's classmates, or playgroup moms and ask them to select 5 of their toys and/or books to trade. Get the moms and kids together and draw another child's name out of a hat. Each person gives their 5 items to another child to take home for a week or two. Then, get together and trade again. After all the kids have played with all the toys, consider donating them. This is also a great way to teach sharing.


Tiffany said:

I love the idea of swapping toys! This will save you a trip to the store and money! Sharing is so important to learn at a young age!

- Posted on Dec 18, 2007

Yael said:

This activity has definite potential, but I think it should be fleshed out more. I wasn't quite sure how you're able to avoid picking your own child's name when picking the names for trading out of the hat.

- Posted on Dec 23, 2007

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