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Floating Flat as a Pancake

ages 0-3


Swimming pool

Activity Detail

We have been taking swimming lessons all summer, and one of the hardest skills to teach a tot is floating on the back. My little one loved this song and has enjoyed floating on her back ever since we learned it. We even sing it in the bathtub! It is to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot" and the lyrics are: I'm a little pancake on my back. I'm a little pancake, nice and flat. I'm a little pancake on my back. Just flip me over (carefully turn child to tummy with face out of water or in the water, blowing bubbles) and flip me back!


Tiffany said:

I don't think this would be an activity?

- Posted on Dec 18, 2007

Yael said:

Songs can have an amazing impact on kids (i.e. the clean-up song), so any song that can help in teaching your child to swim, especially when they're young is great! This is certainly worth trying.

- Posted on Dec 25, 2007

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