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Homemade Ukelele

ages 3-6


Paint and paint brushes (or magazine photos and glue), empty rectangular tissue box, 4 or 5 rubber bands, pencil, cardboard paper towel tube

Activity Detail

Begin by painting palm trees or gluing tropical pictures onto the empty tissue box. After it dries, show your child how to stretch the rubber bands over the hole. (If needed, cut the hole into a larger oval shape.) Place a pencil under the rubber bands and perpendicular to them at one end of the hole in the box. Tape the paper towel tube to one of the ends of the box to create the neck. Show your child how to pluck the "strings" and play some songs!


Yael said:

I found the directions for this activity difficult to follow and feel it could've have been more specific as far as details and the steps required to create a ukelele.

- Posted on Dec 23, 2007

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