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Building Block Boxes

ages 1-6


Empty boxes, brown paper bags, scissors, tape, crayons, stickers, other various craft items to decorate the boxes after they are wrapped.

Activity Detail

Wrap empty boxes of varying sizes with brown paper bags. You can use shoe boxes, cereal boxes, Mac and Cheese boxes, etc. After they are wrapped, the kids can decorate them with crayons & stickers and then stack them as high as themselves. These are great for toddlers because they are big, but light weight.


margreg said:

I'm a big fan of building blocks, but the down side of these is storing them. If you choose boxes that can nest inside one another, they would be easier to store.

- Posted on Dec 7, 2007

Yael said:

This is a nice, multi-purpose activity. The kids will be engaged both with the process of making the blocks and then, playing with them, and it's great because you're using household items. I am not sure how much it would engage 5-6 year olds. Some of them would probably enjoy making the blocks, but I'm not sure about playing with them.

- Posted on Dec 25, 2007

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