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Texture Walk

ages 2-6


The Great Outdoors

Activity Detail

Take a texture walk with your child or children. Use the outdoors to take advantage of an excellent learning opportunity for your little ones. Take a walk and look for things that are soft like sand, dirt, etc. Look for pine cones or rocks that are hard and rough or smooth. Look at tree leaves or flowers that are smooth, flat or detailed. The conversation can lead into different discussions about textures and nature. Loads of fun and the kids love looking and discovering. You will be amazed at how much excitement this activity produces.


bethmason_us said:

Once you have collected your items, you can sort them by all different categories, such as size, color, texture, etc.

- Posted on Jun 6, 2007

maia_starling said:

Fun to hear what your child describes.

- Posted on Aug 15, 2007

Frisco said:

On a rainy day, you could also explore the "indoors"!

- Posted on Sep 3, 2007

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