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Sing a Swimming Song

ages 1-3


Swimming pool, swim suit

Activity Detail

My 21 month old and I took swimming lessons together and learned a fun song to sing in the pool. It's sung to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus" and is called the "The Kids in the Pool." You can add any actions you like, but some that we learned were: "The kids in the pool go splash, splash, splash...splash, splash, splash...splash, splash, splash...The kids in the pool go splash, splash, splash...all day long" (splashing hands in the pool while singing). Also, "The kids in the pool go kick, kick, kick...etc. (kicking feet while singing). The kids in the pool they blow their bubbles...etc. (child blows bubbles). The kids love this, and it is very helpful for getting apprehensive children interested in the water.


margreg said:

This is a great activity to get little kids to enjoy the water!

- Posted on Dec 7, 2007

Tiffany said:

This is perfect for young children to get them to put their face in the water, kick their feet and just splash around and have fun!

- Posted on Dec 18, 2007

Yael said:

The wheels on the bus song lend itself to any number of activities if you adapt it accordingly. Still, if you have a younger child who is apprehensive in the water, this is certainly worth trying.

- Posted on Dec 24, 2007

Frisco said:

You can also use the same tune for holidays; the lights on the Christmas tree go BLINK, BLINK, BLINK, the Santa in the store goes HO, HO, HO, etc.

- Posted on Dec 30, 2007

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