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Counting Cards

ages 2-5


3x5 cards, small reward stickers, permanent marker

Activity Detail

This is a very simple activity that reinforces numbers, both writing and counting. Using 3x5 cards, write the numerals 0-10 or if your child has mastered to 10, 0-20, one number per card. One the reverse side of the card, use small reward stickers and stick on the matching quantity. For 10-20, make a group of ten stickers and circle them, then a group of the quantity over 10 (i.e. 13 = circled group of 10, then 3 stickers in a small group outside the circle). Your child can say the name of the number on the front of the card, then count the quantity or the reverse. With numbers beyond ten, they say 10 (without counting every one) and then go on to 11,12, etc. This gives them an early concept of Base 10 math in a fun and relaxed way!


Yael said:

If encouraged, many kids will really take a liking to math. This is a really great idea for creating enthusiasm for math and establishing a foundation for mathematical concepts.

- Posted on Dec 25, 2007

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