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Monkey See, Monkey Do Music

ages 1-4


Music player, music.

Activity Detail

Put on some fun music and take turns being the "monkey." The monkey's job is to imitate what the other dancer is doing. Does the music make you want to clap? spin? hop? roll? sleep? Monkey see, monkey do! Take turns and see how creative you can be. Kids LOVE to be imitated and to imitate, even little ones.


Tiffany said:

My kids love to dance to music and they love for others to watch and copy.

- Posted on Dec 18, 2007

Yael said:

In general, this is a fun idea. I was just a bit confused about how to organize it if you have more than 2 kids. If one kid is the "monkey," who does the imitating, who does the dancing that is being imitated if there are more kids? how is that designated?

- Posted on Dec 24, 2007

kris said:

Fun and easy!

- Posted on Dec 31, 2007

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