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Sorting shapes

ages 2-3


Common household items that are either circular, square, or triangular.

Activity Detail

Get a bunch of household objects that fall into 3 shape categories -- circle, square, and triangle. For instance, you can use a wallet, a coin, a ball, a piece of bread cut into a triangle shape, a tomato. Once you have many objects, about 5 of each shape, put them on a table and ask your child to sort them by shape. Great both for sorting and shape recognition.


Tiffany said:

This is good for a rainy day instead of turning on your television.

- Posted on Dec 18, 2007

Yael said:

This activity is nice particularly because it involves using household items without requiring you to purchase anything extra. It is easy enough to do and your child's knowledge of shapes will definitely be reinforced.

- Posted on Dec 25, 2007

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